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This site showcases a collection of my works as a computer geek ranging from the Xamarin mobile apps I am developing today back to my Monthly column in XMLJournal magazine and a bunch of other geeky things in between. My passion has always revolved around software development and I have had the opportunity to work on some very interesting projects. My focus today is squarely on developing native mobile applications, using Xamarin as my tool of choice.  I find Xamarin to be quite an amazing tool and I am impressed by how the company itself is bringing a high level of true innovation to the industry I love.   If I were to describe the ideal position, it would be one where I am developing a mobile application, using Xamarin and related tools and working remotely. Feel free to browse around here to see the kind of projects and apps I have worked on throughout my career and do not hesitate for a moment to contact if you are looking for help with your next business critical application or bringing your next bleeding edge idea to life. You can reach me in any of the following ways if you would like to talk technology.
Mobile: 561-212-5707
Email: David@XamGeek.com
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